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Coding 101

I’m not usually one who uses their blog to write about the daily happenings of my life.  At least not in so far as a blog that consistently posts non-fiction work.  There are the odd rant here and there and of course, all my non-fiction that hints at events within my life, but nothing so “mundane” as to cover a day in life of me.

As I sit here today, breathing in the cool September air, basking in the bright sunlight, I can’t help but think that this is the quintessential autumn day.  I can’t really say what it is, but this is the perfect autumn day for me.  And what does autumn bring with it?  School books and new friends, but that isn’t what awaits me this year.  Sure, I’ve said that it felt strange to not return to school after attending for 17 years when I graduated with my first degree, but after being in school for another two years, it again feels weird to not being going back.  At my core, I am a student.  I love nothing more than to return to a classroom and learn new things everyday (despite somedays/classes where I spend the entirety of it on social media or writing on my blog or shopping or what have you).

So this September, even though I’m no longer going to be at school, I will still be learning something new.

At first I considered doing my creative writing certificate because I’ve always lamented that I didn’t take the opportunity to have it added to my degree all those years ago.  However, based on the cost (and the fact that I am still in debt from my most recent educational endeavour – the legal assistant diploma program), I thought it best to wait a little first.  Then I came across code academy.

It was actually something my sister was already familiar with and I just happened to see it in passing.  I always saw her typing some “complicated” commands into a black screen and watching it translate into something more understandable on the right third of her screen.  Sure, I was intrigued, but not enough to actually make me take action.  But then today, I just thought to myself, why not try it?  It would allow me to discuss something with my sister that she was interested in and actually understand what she was saying back to me.

So, I’m doing it and in true Alcina fashion, I’m gonna blog about it as I do.  Here goes nothing!

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