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I’ve never done a review on an escape room, but don’t worry.  If you’re intending on trying this room out, I will not spoil it for you.

We (as in Val and my cousins Sandra, Cynthia, and Tanna) came across this escape room after finishing a different escape room.  Originally, after doing the first escape room, we were left hungering for another adventure and stumbled across this one when googling “escape rooms near me.”  Unfortunately, we were one person short and couldn’t make a second escape room adventure happen that day.

Upon further exploration on Escape60’s website, we discovered that they had a Harry Potter themed room!  From that moment on, that became my point of fixation; I had to do this room!  Due to the popularity of the room, however, we were unable to book in a time until August (we had been intending to go since July, but there were no rooms available until now).

The Harry Potter room is their only premium room (they’re intending to come out with more, but it probably won’t be until later this year) at the moment, so it is slightly more expensive than regular escape rooms ($35 rather than $25).  But, of course, since the room is more expensive/premium, it is a little bit longer (75 minutes rather than the traditional 60 minutes).

Unlike traditional rooms, the Harry Potter room did not feature any of those classic number, letter, or directional locks.  These were much more unconventional, which was nice in the sense that it was really creative, but that also made for quite a startling experience.  There were times we completed the puzzle, not knowing what to expect or where to expect something from and screamed.  There was even a moment where I actually just bolted and had I not remembered  that the doorway was slightly lowered, I would’ve smoked my head on a wall.  As funny as that might’ve been, I luckily did not do that.

In the end we did manage to escape with five minutes to spare, which I would say was pretty good considering that this is one of their hardest rooms or one of the hardest rooms we’ve done (the rating on this room was extremely hard, most of the other places use stars to indicate difficulty and the hardest we did to date was a 3 star at Exit Calgary, which had an escape rate of like 25%.  We also did a 2 star at The Locked Room, which had an 18% escape rate and we got out of both of those).

We had opted in to get Butterbeers after we completed the room.  If we hadn’t gotten out, they would’ve been consolation Butterbeers, but since we did, they were celebratory Butterbeers.  This place offers two types: alcoholic and non-alcoholic.  Both of them are the same price, $9, so if you drink, obviously, the alcoholic choice is the better one (this place has a licence to serve alcohol, so you are allowed to purchase drinks and bring them into the room with you, as long as you’re careful not to spill anything anywhere).

In my opinion, this was not how I imagined Butterbeer at all and not in the best way, but since it’s from a fictional universe with no recipe book to accompany it, it’s pretty much left to anyone’s imagination.  Based on how Butterbeer was described in the Harry Potter books, I always imagined it to be something like a butterscotch concoction that was rich and creamy and I always imagined it to be a hot beverage that could be enjoyed in both summer and winter, but better suited for winter as a drink that would warm you up.  At Escape60 their Butterbeer is a root beer float topped with whipped cream, jelly beans, chocolate sprinkles, and three roasted marshmallows on a stick served in a Moscow Mule mug.  The marshmallows, having been roasted by a blowtorch, don’t have the same delicious flavour of ones roasted over a camp fire.

Even though this place is a little more out of the way than the other escape rooms we’ve been to, with the exception of The Locked Room escape rooms, I would definitely come back and would recommend this place to others.  It’s a small business and they’ve only been open for 7 months, but they have ambitious plans for the future (another Harry Potter room, a Star Wars room, and a Jurassic Park room).  They also host a Harry Potter paint night which I would love to attend some time. Overall, I’d give this place a 4/5.

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