Reader. Writer. Romantic.

Here I stand
At the edge of a precipice
The worst days of my life behind me
The best days ahead

Another day
Another step
Taking me farther
From the pain of it all

I look back
Another stage
Another chapter
In this game
This story
We call life

I’m certainly not who I used to be
And I’m certainly not who I will be
But I look forward to the long journey that awaits

I want to thank all those who have been there
A part of my life
Supporting me
Pushing me
Than I ever thought possible

I’ve learned so much
To get where I am
But I’ve so much more to grow

I will do whatever it takes
To be the best of the best
To rise up
And show the world who I am
To stand atop this mighty peak
And shout for all to hear
The melody of the ever reverberating rhythms of my soul

I will shake the very foundations
Of the world that I built
The earth will tremble
With every step
And rebuilding
The known universe

I know now
I can hold my head up high
That for everything that has sought to crush me
Only paved my way to success

I am proud of who I am
Of who I’ve become

And soon the world will know it too

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