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Location: 22596 Lougheed Hwy, Maple Ridge, BC

This was unfortunately another instance of where the menu looked better than the chef’s execution of the dishes.  Like the night before, I would be disappointed yet again.

We took a short walk from Julia’s condo to the restaurant, uphill in the blustery cold (nothing compared to Calgary, but when you’re not completely prepared for the weather, it is a bit chilly).  We entered the restaurant and were greeted with a choice: the booth seat or the table in the back corner.  Richard made the executive decision to sit at the table.  As I had no preference, it didn’t matter…or so I thought.  The booth was generally avoided because they had placed a broom and dustbin right next to the table, while the one in the back corner was situated right next to the other door, which would blow cold air at those unfortunate to be sitting there.  We, of course, had the misfortune of experiencing that.

Since we were self-seated, my concern was the same as it often is in these kinds of restaurants: how long would it take for the staff to notice the arrival of new patrons?  Luckily, we were noticed quite quickly and menus presented to us.  While they don’t have a website, places like zomato had images of the menu that patrons has uploaded and I had taken the time to look through to decided what I wanted.  Even so, I still had some difficulty at the restaurant what I wanted.

It took some time before our waitress returned to take our drink order.  All three of us ordered milkshakes; Julia and I had the cherry chocolate milkshake, while Richard ordered the butterscotch milkshake.  For a cherry chocolate milkshake, it didn’t have very much of a cherry taste.  So, it was essentially a chocolate milkshake.  Richard, for reasons unknown, decided he was going to add pancake syrup to his already, very sweet butterscotch milkshake (while I did not try this, in my experience, butterscotch is sickeningly sweet).

Another waitress came by to take our lunch order a short time later.  Julia got the French Toast, Richard the Tuna Melt, and I ordered the Mac and Cheese Burger.  Julia’s was the first to arrive:  three massive slices of French toast smothered in a strawberry sauce and whipped cream (which Julia had upgraded to, she had the choice of BBQ pulled pork or the strawberry sauce with whipped cream, she chose the latter).  It was followed by Richard’s, which was somewhat ordinary.  Mine, as per usual as of recently, arrived last.  The fries appeared somewhat lackluster, limp, pale, and unappealing.  For a mac and cheese burger, I expected something more innovative than the regular burger fixings (lettuce, tomato, red relish, mayo, cheese, and pickles) and mac and cheese just laid down between two buns.  My first thought was “maybe they’ll make the buns out of mac and cheese.”  To my disappointment, they did not.  The burger did not hold the mac and cheese well and the moment I picked up the burger and took my first bite, practically all the mac and cheese had fallen out.  The taste of the mac and cheese was so unnoticeable that had someone else ordered it for me, I would never have known that that’s what made this burger unique.  Normally, I would say that looks aren’t everything, but when it came to the fries, they really were everything.  They were unsalted, so bland and limp just exactly as they looked.  Luckily, I was able to find a few salvageable crunchy pieces. Julia’s French Toast was delicious, especially the strawberry sauce (which I’m sure Braeden would have loved), but it was so sweet that there was no way that I would have ever been able to finish the thing.  One bite was all I needed.  Especially considering the fact that our milkshakes were already pretty sweet, this took it a little over the top.

Based on today’s experience, I can’t see myself coming back here or recommending it to others to try.  I’d give it a 2/5.  My final gripe is that the apostrophe doesn’t belong there. (50s not 50’s)

Bobby Sox

Bobby Sox Interior

Bobby Sox 2

Bobby Sox Interior

Bobby Sox 8

Bobby Sox Interior

Bobby Sox 3

One of the signs on the wall above the pass (where food comes out of the kitchen)

Bobby Sox 4

Cherry Chocolate Milkshake

Bobby Sox 5

French Toast

Bobby Sox 6

Tuna Melt

Bobby Sox 7

Mac and Cheese Burger

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  1. We had Peter’s here on Calgary last night. The last time was with Julia and Richard. I commented how delicious the burger was. I never had the pineapple shake and it has become my new favourite. ( It used to be cherry chocolate) The family fries were probably like the ones you experienced. I usually get onion rings and will do that the next time. Have fun Alcina! I hope you find a great restaurant or two 🙂

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