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A visit to the new science centre is something I’ve been putting off partly because of what I had heard about it.  The most resonant criticism about the Telus Spark was that it wasn’t as good as the old one.  Today, I was on a mission to find out for myself.

We arrived at 12:50 pm, purchasing the tickets for admission to the science centre and to a show at the dome theatre.  We started on the first floor and explored the exhibits they had there first.  As the cashier at the desk told us, everything was very hands on.  There were no instructions to tell us how to go about doing things and there wasn’t too much in terms of informational bulletins either.  In a way, this was good.  Like the cashier said, there are multiple solutions to a problem and trying to figure it out for yourself is half the fun.  We finished looking around the exhibition hall at around 1:20 pm and headed upstairs to continue looking at the exhibits up there.  The first half was about the human body: puberty, the brain, reaction time, and so on.  The second half was focused on animation.  We took our time with the first half, but had to rush through the second half to make our show at the dome theatre.

I love astronomy so we went to the show “Our Solar System with a Spotlight on the Sun,” a suggestion made by the cashier because of my interest.  This show was presented in the form of a story, which is an interesting take and an obvious attempt to open astronomy up to a wider audience, but unfortunately I didn’t really learn much as promised and well Brae almost fell asleep.  Heck, I nearly fell asleep myself.  On the one hand, I would say that it would have been a very informative show had I not taken two university level courses on astronomy, one of which focused on our solar system.  On the other, I would have to agree with Brae and say that it was really kind of boring.  It was awe inspiring at first to watch the stars fill the screen, but after a while it just wasn’t.  It didn’t help that the reclining seats were obstructed by the concrete step behind us (that was where the next row of seats were).

After the show, we went back through the exhibition hall to see/do the exhibits that we missed because there were too many children running around for us to be able to try.  After we looked around, we headed outside to check out the outdoor park, which was somewhat of an exhibit itself.  I liked that even in play, there is a chance to educate and show the science behind the importance of play.

People were right, this new science centre is not as good as the old one.  Sure there are improvements to it that I would have said would be good to incorporate into the old science centre, but to move to this completely new model, I think, was a mistake.  This place would be perfect for three or four year olds who are curious about the workings of the world, but any older, I’d say they wouldn’t have too much interest.  Maybe I’m overestimating the intellectual capacity of children, but I’d like to think not. I probably won’t be returning here unless I have children of my own one day.

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