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I know Ship and Anchor isn’t exactly a restaurant and I have distinguished restaurants from cafes, so maybe I should create a category called drinking establishments since “bar/pub/tavern/club/lounge review” is just a ridiculously long name to be writing out. I mean some of them can be considered restaurants up until a certain time (like minors are allowed in until 5pm or something like that) or have a division between restaurant and bar within the same establishment.

Having been on 17th Ave more frequently now, I’ve passed by this place on more than one occasion. The establishment always was bustling and I was always curious as to the type of food they served and the atmosphere inside. Today I got to finally try it out with my cousin Yulin. When we first stepped inside, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was doing, luckily Yulin did and we quickly found a seat near the window. The interior of the restaurant was very dark and I’m sure sitting my the window that illuminated the back of Yulin’s head didn’t help. It didn’t take long for the server to present us with menus. Since I had already looked at the menu I already knew what I wanted.

We ordered honey garlic chicken wings to start, Yulin ordered the grilled cheese with house salad and I had the baked mac and cheese. Honey garlic, I must say is my favourite flavouring on wings. I mean what is there not to love about its sweet, sticky, garlicky deliciousness? Unfortunately, I’d have to say I was slightly disappointed that these wings were mostly honey as opposed to a balance of honey and garlic. This didn’t really make too much of a difference, but I would have preferred if the garlic taste was a little more pronounced. We had barely gotten halfway through the wings when our mains came. It’s commendable how fast food was coming out, but of course there wasn’t much of a lunch crowd. Typically mains should not be served so quickly, but again, not a restaurant, so it’s excusable. Besides, I enjoy a variance of flavours in a meal otherwise I’d get bored.

I was unfortunately very disappointed by the baked mac and cheese. While it’s true that it’s hard to find a mac and cheese in a restaurant that I can confidently say I love (FARM’s mac and cheese was pretty close to being one of the best I’ve had), this was pretty hard to get through (even though I did get through it because I was hungry). The cheese sauce was much too soupy, the jalapenos impossible to find, the bacon was not worth fishing out of the cheese soup, and overall the taste didn’t scream delicious. Though I didn’t try it, Yulin’s grilled cheese looked like any other grilled cheese and she said it tasted like an ordinary grilled cheese so I didn’t think it was necessary to give that a try. The house salad looked just like any other, but I could tell as she got to the bottom of the salad, some of the greens had been soaked in way too much dressing (obviously because the dressing settled at the bottom).

Overall, the server was super nice and checked in with us frequently (but not to frequent), however, the food wasn’t to die for or anything worth raving about. I suppose if you came for the alcohol, the food wouldn’t really be the focus or centre of attention. Based on this experience I’d have to give it a 2.2/5.

*I apologize for the quality of the photos. The lighting and my camera didn’t work well together.

Chicken wings.jpg

Honey Garlic Wings

mac and cheese.jpg

Baked Mac and Cheese

Grilled Cheese.jpg

Grilled Cheese with House Salad

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