Reader. Writer. Romantic.

Every once in a lifetime
We meet someone
Who’s heart sings a song incomplete
Waiting for ours to answer back

Every once in a lifetime
We hear a heartbeat
A song that we will never tire of

Your song was more than beautiful
But it was not my time to dance
And so I passed you by
Like nothing more than a summer breeze

But love
And time
Have a strange way of working
For what would have been right
Was then wrong

I may not have loved you then
But I love you now
And though those words have become empty lies
I’ll prove it to you
Time and time again
Through the things I will do

For the most beautiful things in life
Are the moments we share
And nothing
And no one
Will ever take those away from us

Comments on: "Just Another Poem About Love" (1)

  1. Beautifully written… You make me cry… Please checkout my blog.

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