Reader. Writer. Romantic.

Two sides of Broken

Do you have any idea
What it’s like
Waking up one day
Loving the world
Knowing your dreams
And what you wanna do
For the rest of forever
And the next morning after
Laying in bed
Barely able to move
Your heart pounding in your chest
Your anxiety choking you

Do you know what it’s like
To feel like such a failure
Not having done anything useful with your life

I may not have led a hard life like some
But this doesn’t prevent me from an anxiety filled future

Everyday it’s getting harder
To look myself in the mirror and tell myself that everything will be ok
When I know that it won’t be

How can someone as broken
And as divided as I
Ever find someone who can
Keep up
And love me for all the ups and downs

I may not be the most sensitive
Or the tactful
But I know
That when I love you
I will trust you
And give you my all

I will believe your lies
Until you give me a reason not to
But most of all
I will see you as perfection
Even when the world can’t see it
Even when you can’t see it

So please
Give me a chance
I may be high maintenance
But I can guarantee you
You’ll know
When I’m through with you
That you’re the best thing
That this world has


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