Reader. Writer. Romantic.

Destined For Solitude

Sometimes I wonder
If there is anyone in this world
Who has lived the life I have
Who’s felt the same pains
Who is broken and battered in the same way as me

I wonder if I met them
If they could love me
For all my flaws

Someone once asked me
Why things never made it past the first date
Maybe it was because they could see all my scars
Maybe it was because they didn’t want to fix something as broken as me

Maybe I’m meant to alone
Maybe it’s better this way

Some days I feel the weight of the world
Bearing down on my shoulders
Those days I wish I had someone to love
Someone who cared for me

But most days now
I’ve learned to live alone
Knowing that there will be no one in my future
Waiting for me
And for me a sense of freedom lifts me

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