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Location: 2620 32nd St NE Calgary, AB

Tonight was a night of celebration. After an hour at the Extreme Airpark, coworker Sarah and I were starving to say the least. It didn’t help that it was freezing outside and all I had on were shorts and a tank top. For her, the fried pickles and wings were a must. For me it was the mozzarella sticks and wings. So we decided to get fried pickles and mozza sticks as starters and get the double. Before I came here I didn’t understand what that meant. For those who still have no idea, it means that you get to pick two flavours. Regardless if you choose single, double, or triple, you get a pound of wings. Now you may think that that’s not a lot and really it isn’t if you have a large group, but when it’s just two people with two appies already, it’s a lot.

I normally love mozza sticks for their stringiness, but these ones were a little colder than I was used and not as stringy (it snapped very easily). The fried pickles on the other hand were  the complete opposite; they were very hot. The chipotle sauce is smokier than most other places I’ve had it at.

The contrast between the Bourbon and Asian wings were a good combination. The first few Asian wings weren’t that spicy, but the more I had the spicier it got. The Bourbon ones weren’t spicy per se, but there was definitely a kick to it. The only thing I really wanted more of were carrots. I absolutely love carrots and considering how much ranch dip they gave us, it would have been nice to have more veggies to dip into it (I don’t like dipping my chicken wings into the sauce. I’ve heard some people do, but why would you do that if you already have a delicious sauce on it?).

Overall, I’d say this place has some really good bar/pub food. Service wasn’t bad either. The servers were very friendly and we didn’t have to wait too long for food. Yes it was way salty, but it’s meant to paired with alcohol so it was understandable. I would come back again with friends to enjoy a casual night out and rate it a 3.75/5.

Mozzarella Sticks and Fried Pickles

Mozzarella Sticks and Fried Pickles

Asian Zing (front) and Bourbon Honey Mustard (back)

Asian Zing (front) and Bourbon Honey Mustard (back)

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