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Another day with a late lunch. After an exhausting morning of shopping, we made our way to Stepho’s. Finally, after a recommendation from my coworker two or three years ago, we finally got a chance to go. And we were not disappointed. Even at two o’clock, the restaurant was packed. We waited for a short period of time and were seated near the kitchen. It was apparent that the restaurant had been around for a long time as the building interior looked quite weathered. We speculated that perhaps the building was a house prior to it being a restaurant based simply on the fact that the setup was very homey.

Not wanting to spoil our appetites for the all you can eat tonight, we omitted appetizers and each just ordered a main. My friend and I had the beef souvlaki pita and my sister had the large beef souvlakia meal. The pitas came with fries and a side of tzatziki sauce. Inside the pitas were coarsely sliced onions and tomatoes sprinkled with a light seasoning. The beef came on a skewer and the first piece of meat was stuck on pretty good. As is the norm at Greek restaurants, garlic features quite heavily in their dishes, especially the tzatziki. But I didn’t find that the garlic was too overpowering, although I would not recommend this place if you were on a date, especially if he was a vampire, for he would have died upon entrance into this establishment. Still the sauce was to die for, both refreshing and well seasoned. I would have preferred if the onions in the pita to have had been more finely chopped, but other than that it was amazing! The beef souvlakia meal is essentially the same as the pita except with bread, potatoes, Greek salad, and rice pilaf instead of fries. The rice is similar to something my dad makes at home, except with a lot less seasoning. The Greek salad was kinda sad, it only had one olive…The potatoes are just roasted, not lemon potatoes like at Van Gogh’s that my sister loves so much. I think the only difference between the large and small meal is that the large gives two skewers instead of just one. The beef was cooked spectacularly. It wasn’t charred, overseasoned, overcooked, or undercooked. Sometimes, the problem I have with beef is that it is too tough to bite through and in the case of pita, oftentimes I just rip large cubes of beef out leaving sections of just plain pita, veg, and sauce.

Although their menu isn’t particularly extensive, I would love to come to this place again. The food is well cooked and the servers (or at least ours) are delightful. What I didn’t understand was why our waitress had to take on several tables that weren’t originally hers and when the guy who was supposed to be managing his table took back his table, he was pretty rude to his guests. It was a good experience for me here, so I’d give this restaurant a 4.25/5


Beef Souvlaki Pita


Large Beef Souvlakia Meal


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