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Location: 1511 Anderson St 

Before dinner we had walked down to Granville Island and decided to stick to something close by. My friend Julia suggested Tony’s Fish and Oyster Cafe. When we arrived there was a wait to get in, but to be fair the restaurant was quite small. There wasn’t enough space to sit in at the restaurant so we got it to go and walked down to the seating in the market place at Granville. My first instinct was to order the fish and chips, but my sister suggested that we should share the Seafood Sampler Platter for Two and we went with that instead because it encompassed so much more than just fish and chips. The platter had two pieces of fish and chips (one for each of us), four deep fried oysters, four butterflied shrimps, calamari and fries. With something as greasy as deep fried seafood, vinegar and/or lemon should be provided generously. This was not the case. We were only given one lemon wedge and two small packages of vinegar. Though I’m not a fan of oysters, deep fried oysters were bearable, but even so, I was only able to eat one, giving the other three to my sister. The butterflied shrimp were nothing special, but they had extra crunchy breading, which I suspect is panko, but can’t be 100% sure. The calamari was the most disappointing to me. They were underseasoned and flavourless. The fish was good in the middle because it was really tender and the breading was so crunchy that it satisfied my need for crunchy food. However, despite all that, I felt that the fish was overfried because some parts of it had gone hard and melded with the batter, something which I don’t think should happen.

Yes, it was a mess. Yes, it was greasy. But yes, I would have their fish and chips again if I ever got a craving. It was a quick meal, though next time I’d prefer to eat it in the comfort of my hotel room so no one will ever have to see my messy eating face. I would give this place a 3.5/5.


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