Reader. Writer. Romantic.


So many nights I lay here
Thinking of you
Dreaming of better days

So many nights I lay here
Crying for you
Missing your body next to mine

So many nights I lay here
Wondering where you’ve gone
And where you are now

So many nights
I wander alone
Along the streets we used to know
Doing the things we used to do
Trying to bring you back
Trying to bring back the memories
But I can’t

You’re gone
Gone somewhere I can’t touch you
Gone somewhere I can’t see

Why does it hurt so much to love you?
Why does it have to be like this?
All I wanted was to be loved
And I was

But I was a child
We both were
Taking from each other
Using each other
And when the time came to say goodbye
I had fallen in love with you
And couldn’t part with you

I admire the way you kept your distance
All the while still loving me
I hope that one day I will learn
Learn to be selfish
To take without hurting
As I am now

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