Reader. Writer. Romantic.

Temporary arrangements

Too many months
Have come and gone
Who was once something special
Has lost your lustre
Once the object of your primary affection
Is now nothing less than forgotten

Once upon a time
We couldn’t stop
Thinking of each other
Chatting late into the night
But now that has all been lost
Novelty has given way to reality
And the charm you once had
The devotion you once showed
Has grown old and tired

Let not me
Be the one who maintains
Let not me
Defy the comforts of stereotypes long established

I am a new woman
Stuck in old conventions
Waiting still for my knight in shining armour
My Prince Charming
To sweep me from my dragon kept tower

I am no prisoner
Nor a damsel in distress
I need only to open the door
But yet I do not
I sit and I wait
For another trinket
Another novelty
To entertain and be entertained by
Until he comes

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