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This game truly made for a night to remember, though I wish I had been a little more prepared and had the gameplay a little more integrated into the party itself. Another complaint, nothing to do with the game itself was the lack of enthusiasm from some of the other actors. I felt that only a couple of people took the game seriously enough and acted making me feel as though I was overacting.

The story itself seems too perfect; it sounded like a story ripped out of my own mind. Twisted with a mess of family relations. When I had first picked up this game off the shelf, I had been put off by the cheesy names, but soon they grew on me. The character names were cute and I began to see my own friends as those characters…if only they had actually gotten into it. I would have liked it better if they had been more interactive with each other. Getting confrontational instead of saying things like “I’m going to challenge you now” as it was worded in the instruction booklet. Another thing was people getting confused over the wording and the tenses. My suggestion would have been to read through the points and summarize them in character as I had done.

It was a very cleverly put together game and I enjoyed playing it. I would definitely want to buy and play this game again, but just next time, better food, more control (like I should take a more leadership like role unlike this time), and better acting is all I ask for.

Unfortunately, this game can only be played once since there is a predetermined killer. Maybe I can replay it with a different group of friends and see if they can figure it out. And in an attempt to not spoil this game for others, there isn’t much I can say about this game.

Let’s just say this review is more about my abilities as a host rather than the game itself. This was quite the experience and i would certainly love to try doing this again.

I would rate this game 4.5/5 because I can’t resist and interactive murder mystery game.

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