Reader. Writer. Romantic.

One Thing Leads to Another

When we first met
On a mid-autumn’s eve
I knew you had my heart
From the first
To the last goodbye
Your charm swept from my mind
All doubt of finding love
You are a gentleman
And worthy to be called as such
Chivalry is dead
But not in you
You are my knight in shining armour
And my heart protests to let you go
Each moment I spend away from you
Is another moment I spend
In eternal misery
I can’t live without you
If only you knew
That dinner leads to dinner
And marriage
If only you knew my heart
You would know
Loneliness is temporary when you are here

But let’s not get carried away
I want a man who wants me
In every sense of that word
To love me
And let me live
And dream
And be all that I can be

A knight must know his limitations
A knight must allow his lady freedom
Without those things
He is a tyrant
And if that is you
Let me alone
For solitude
Is better than a gilded cage


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