Reader. Writer. Romantic.


We were worlds apart
Things weren’t supposed to be this way
You desired intimacy
While I yearned for companionship
I was lonely
You saw and manipulated it
With honeyed words
That grasped my heart
In such a way
As to never let go
To be my only one
The only one that mattered

You keep making me feel this way
I was never meant to fall in love with you
You don’t want commitment
You never did
I did
I do
And I’ll end up broken
And in tears
It’s inevitable

The way my heart jumps
And leaps into your arms
When I see the words you write to me
I live each moment waiting for you
My brain fighting against my heart
Logic should win
It wasn’t supposed to be this way

What’s wrong with me?
It’s always me
Going against my reason
Letting you take my breath away
Letting myself enjoy it
Savour it
Want it
Even when I knew better
I fell in love with you

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