Reader. Writer. Romantic.

This Sick and Tired Existence

Some days I feel like crying
And wish the world away
Some days I feel like dying
And need someone to convince me otherwise

Under strength and independence
Is always vulnerability
This façade was bound to crack
Under Atlas’ burden

All my life I have loved
And given all of me
This once I ask to be understood
This once I ask you to see the paradoxical nature that I am
This once I ask to be loved

Everyone deserves to be loved
To be held
And talked to
Late into the night
I’m no exception

A romantic at heart
A realist by trade
A constant conflict I must face
Day after day

There are times I won’t understand
These are the times when you should forgive me
These are the times you take me into your arms and tell me everything will be ok
These are the times I need you most
To stand by my side when I feel the most alone
To love and support me as you should
As I have

If you cannot love me at my worst
You do not deserve me at my best

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