Reader. Writer. Romantic.

One Day

Love makes poets of us all
Each song we hear
Each song we sing
We dedicate to the one we love

We dream and dream
In hopes that we will be the one
The one exception
To the long list of rules

My standards have not fallen
You are still my number one
The way you hurt me
Cannot be forgiven
But yet I do
Because you do not know
And I cannot blame you

There are far more important things
Than the affections of a girl
Follow your heart
Follow your dreams
I have followed mine
And they have led me to you

You are my future
But I am not yours
Your faith determines yours
I have no faith

Yet that is where my heart turns
Not merely because you believe in Him
But because I too begin to see
And believe
That He is there
Guiding me
Supporting me
And loving me for who I am

He is there when I’m crying for you
He is always there
I hope that one day
I will be there too
With you by my side

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