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Racism in Canada

The ignorance of some people in this world never fails to astound me.

Today I did not have the greatest day at work. Now month end/beginning is honestly the worst time in the world. This year was a bit weird and not that many people showed up. But as per usual, most of them were pretty short (tempered) and complete idiots. Honestly, do you think you can drive your car with no insurance?! If you’re coming in to renew you car, at least know what the plate on it is and/or whether the vehicle is in joint name or not. You have to give me something to work with. When we’re that busy, do you think I have time to waste looking up what the plate on your overly expired car is?! In case you can’t figure it out, the answer is no. I don’t have the time to waste looking up meaningless information that you should have.

Though most of the people were stupid, they were tolerable. At least until the last customer of the day. This lady and her three kids walk in ten minutes AFTER we close and demands us to do an ID card. The only ID her daughter has is a birth certificate that has been ripped in half. It clearly says on the back of the certificate, void if altered or laminated. What is more altered than a birth certificate ripped in half? Like obviously the birth certificate didn’t come like that and you did SOMETHING to it to put it into that state. Even the freaking dictionary agrees with me. Take that lady! F*** you for telling me to look up the definition of altered. As if I didn’t already know it. After this “small” technicality, the lady continues to insist that we use the ripped certificate, so I go get my manager and the stupid lady begins to get all racist. When my manager asked if there was another piece of ID like a passport the mother responds with “Well we wouldn’t be here if she had a passport now would we? Besides only foreign people have passports.” What the hell?! What the f””” kind of response is that?! You clearly have never left the country. How do you think you can leave the country without a passport dumbass! We can only travel from one province to the next without the need for a passport because of the Canadian Charter of Right and Freedom, specifically the section on mobility rights. Then when asked if she had anymore ID for her daughter, she takes out a health care card from BC, which isn’t valid as ID in Alberta. She literally has nothing else. And when told that that won’t do, she’s like “I’m not stupid. I know you can take it.” Uh, excuse me? Are you telling me how to do my job? Did you do six months of training? Are you accountable to the Government of Alberta? We insisted that we couldn’t take it and she was like, “But you can take foreign passports, but not health care cards issued in this country?” I was like yeah, that’s the photo ID requirement that goes with the legal entitlement requirement. And she was like “Yeah sure.”

I was so ready to just put her through the glass, but as I’m not physically strong enough to do that, I didn’t. Also, did not want to be responsible for repairs/damage caused. I wish that I could have just called the police and had the pleasure of watching her get dragged out by the police. It would have been nice. I hope that you went to another registry and tried to do the same thing and was refused. We have the reputation of being one of the nicer registries, so I hope they told you to pretty much f*** yourself and bring in proper identification to get an ID card.

After she left I was angrier than I’ve been in a long time. I wanted to put a hole through something. My coworker who listened to this whole thing was also pretty worked up and used a lot of restraint not to interrupt and tell her to get the f*** out of the office. I honestly wished she had intervened, but I don’t think that would have gone well. As my coworker said, “Would you have spoken to your mother that way?”

It’s also been a long time since I’ve experienced any racism. I covered it in my law class and it’s true, it usually is pretty covert and ingrained in the ideologies of institutions like the government or education systems, but once in a while it shows up in every day life. If you had half a brain, you wouldn’t need to resort racial and personal attacks, you would be able to use reason to argue coherently. So in answer to your question, do you think I’m stupid? My answer is yes. You are about as dumb as they get. It is your ignorance that allows racism to persist. It is your ignorance that makes you think that there is no longer racism in the world even though you are the one perpetuating it.

I understand that the world isn’t always just and fair, but people like that have no place in this world. I wish that there was more that I could do, but for now all I can do is slam my fist into the nearest wall and hope the pain distracts me long enough to diffuse my anger

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