Reader. Writer. Romantic.

The Impossible Goodbye

Why does my heart keep yearning for you
When my head tells me I have no chance?
Why does my heart ache so much for someone I have tried to forget?
You and I can never be
And we never will be
So why then does my heart keep hoping?

My heart may not have the logic of my brain
But it knows well the pain of heart break
My head has told me to stop hoping
Because it knows we will never be

But the more I try to let you go
The harder you cling to my thoughts

You are still the first one I think of when I wake up in the morning
And you are the last one I think of at night before I drift off into dreams
Even in sleep you don’t leave my side
You are still the one who haunts my dreams
And leave my thoughts fluttering for more
Even after two months

I know you are not good for me
And you know I’m not good for you
Our worlds are too different to become one
Bound in holy matrimony
We will not be together till death do us part
We will not be together at all

Let me one day forget you
Let me one day fall in love with the right one for once

Release me
Release me from the bonds of this infatuation

You have made me feel more alone
Than I have ever been
Or ever will be in a lifetime

You have me fantasizing about married life with you
You have me looking up wedding dresses
Colour schemes for the bridesmaids
Designing engagement rings and wedding bands

I can see in my head our family together
But I know neither of us can get past step one

You are a novelty in my life
That’s why my heart is fixated on you
It will never let go until I find another
To take your place

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