Reader. Writer. Romantic.

Crinoline Tears

Her grace was unparalleled
The poise with which she held herself
She knew she had not been born ordinary
She knew she had been born to stand out

She did not have what other girls had
Or money

She was simple
Yet beautiful
And for that others greeted her with disdain
But she knew it was all part of a game
A game she refused to participate in

Each day
Each night
A different dress
A different man

Until one day
He swept her away

She was wearing a crimson gown
All in flowing lace
Held up by crinoline
When first he caught her eye

But she was nothing special
She was just a girl

He had seen them all
Or so he’d like to have though
Took her for nothing special
Just another girl

She had never been refused
Never in this way
She swore she’d make him notice

As her dresses got more elaborate
The less attention he paid her
Until one day in her depression
She wore what she loved most

It was not fancy
It was not made of lace
It did not have a flowing train
It was not satin soft

It was a poor man’s gown
Made simply of cotton
And sleeveless
Showing off the few assets she did have

In her depression
She forgot to act
And showed him herself
And showed him her soul

It was a side she always sought to hide
But instead it drew him near
He loved the actress most
When she forgot to act

Prompt: Draw or write about an image you find that you like in the following link Doesn’t need to be fashion.

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