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我的心 (My Heart)

Prompt: Create something reflective of your cultural heritage
Warning: I am not fluent in Chinese, the grammar in these sentences may be completely off. BTW I did not write the English and then translate it, I did it the other way around, but I still suck >_<

我不可以對你說我的感覺 (I can’t tell you my feelings)
但是,沒有一天我不想你 (But there isn’t a day I don’t think about you)
我不可以做你的愛人 (I can never become your beloved)
因為你對我是個小孩子 (Because to you I am a child)
我也不可以離開你(And yet I can never leave you)
雖然你不明白我的心痛 (Although you can’t understand my heart ache)
我永遠愛你 (I will always love you)

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