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Just Another Day

Prompt: make the ordinary extraordinary

I can try and try
But it will never be enough

I can think and think
But it will get me nowhere

I can look and look
But never find you

I see the world as it really was
As it really is

I see the world through a rose-coloured glass
As it really is

The ordinary is so ordinary
That we don’t bother to look
To try
To think
Or to feel

People are born
And people die
Everything is ordinary
Until it happens to you

A person is just a stranger
Until they are your child
Until they are your friend

Nothing matters
Until I try
Until I think
Until I look
And until I feel

And love is just another hopeless fantasy
A dream
Pathetic and desperate
Until you fall in love

A poet is a worthless idealist
Until you meet her

And a sonnet hurts most
When you realize your love is unrequited

Life is objective
And subjective
Life is ordinary
And extraordinary

This is a boring
And a cheater’s way
To show the brightness of each of our days
Are just daily occurrences
Until it happens to you

Nothing and no one is extraordinary
Until you accord it that honour

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  1. thetealove said:

    Reblogged this on Walls&Stalls and commented:
    Love this poem by my good friend, and poetess…

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