Reader. Writer. Romantic.

The Things I know Now

You sit high atop the heavens
Gazing down on the plebeians
Despite all your worldly advantages
You are afraid
Like every man
You fear rejection
Behind your perfect veneer
Is insecurity
Yet you choose to restrict yourself
To a certain niche
You could have any girl you wanted
But you choose to wait
Like me

I too fear that I cannot be perfect
Only oh so recently
Only in learning to love myself
I have learned of my own beauty and strength
But even so
My beauty cannot penetrate the standards you demand
I remember once upon a time
When my standards were as high as yours
They still are
You were the closest
They say chivalry is dead
But here you stand
A patron of my heart
But tragically I would not change myself
For your love
I don’t believe in insincerity
Things done out of love are admirable
But pretending to be someone you’re not
Is deplorable
I will live as myself
And the world will love me or hate me
And I shall not care
Love will find me
When you find your courage
And I find mine

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