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Prompt: Create a Character Sketch

Official Title: Lady Eleanora Shelley

Nick names: Ellie, Nora

Age: 17

Birthday: August 14, 1822

Height: 150 cm (~4’9″)

Weight: 45kg (~99lb)

Nationality: English 

Parents: Mary and Percy Shelley

Dark Brown Hair and Eyes
Favours dark coloured clothing
Conservative with jewelry, though is partial to earrings
Pale/Fair complexion
Suffers from a laudanum addiction

Sleeping pattern:
Enjoys spending nights out at parties, local dinners, charity events, etc. anything to showcase herself
Sleeps in late
Like a dandy should be

Highly irritable high pitched voice
Twitchy at times
Appears to be highly anxious at others
Usually really preppy cheerful


None, really

Residence/Dorm number/Address:
London, England

Playing Piano

Status in a Relationship:

Anyone who’s got money and a manor

Types of Friends:
Based on what they can contribute to her reputation
Not competition for the affections of any eligible bachelor
Willing to listen to her gossip (AKA should not try to speak except to prompt her further)

Favourite Colour:
Whatever’s in season/fashion

Losing her status
Damaged reputation

Dreams and/or hopes for the future:
Marry rich
Have lots of kids
Never have to work

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