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This is what I'm talking about

This is what I’m talking about

So I’m a firm believer in reading the books before seeing the movie…apparently it goes unfulfilled most of the time. Today I watched bits and pieces of Divergent and had no idea what was going on. So what do I do? Like a person modern technological era, I go look it up on wikipedia and end up reading what the entire series is about. It sounds like a pretty good series, but I don’t think I’m going to read it since I’ve seen how much physical pain it puts a person through.

I’ve heard so much about Four and had high expectations for him. I was very disappointed. UGLY! Not to be shallow, but if he’s a lead, he better be good looking. I remember coming across something on my Tumblr about how there are so many attractive girls out there and guys not performing to that same level. Yeah…I’m starting to believe it. I’m also beginning to wonder about my sexuality…but anyways…not the point. I like guys, but some girls are just so F***ing pretty! It’s like a girl crush…which I think is becoming more common because most of my friends talk about their girl crushes and all have boyfriends. I’m glad that society is so much more accepting of this now than 100 years ago, but that’s the way it should be

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