Reader. Writer. Romantic.


Today I was an idiot
Today I forgot my laptop charger
And ended up carrying an 8 pound laptop that lasted for a total of 45 minutes for about 12 hours
But not really because I was studying
Sitting down
And hobbling about campus with 2 coats
2 sweaters
And 2 backpacks
Spent the rest of the 12 hours eating
And writing
Until my fingers cramped
And my wrist hurt
It was all very lovely

Now I’m thinking my novel is R rated….
Even though a 12 year old can understand it
It’s probably not appropriate
There’s a lot of affairs
A lot of sex
Which sucks
Since I can’t write those scenes
Or actions scenes
For the same reason

Then I slipped on some stair sitty structure
In heeled boots
And hurt my butt
But laughed instead
Yeah…and then some random guy started talking to me
And I just wanted to sleep

Now I’m tired and have lots of work to catch up on
Fun times of a university student

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