Reader. Writer. Romantic.

Requiem of Sorrow

Yesterday I was the colour of the sky
Today I am the colour of volcanic ash
A heavy cloud hangs over me
I feel like I`m in Pompeii
With the burning snow
Falling on me
Burying me
So that I have no time to escape
To scream
Or to cry
Only to cling to the one I love as everything fades away

Maybe the world knew
What my heart was going through
And in it reflected the turmoil I felt

Today I learned of a tragedy dire 
Of friends of family
Lost in a senseless act

Nothing will bring them back
And no reason shall be given
For they deserve their privacy
Not to be poked and prodded for the curiosity of the masses

When they are ready
The world will know
The truth will come out
And justice will prevail
That is my hope
As an aspiring lawyer
Even though I know that it may not be true

But for now, 
Have respect
And the families rest

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