Reader. Writer. Romantic.

So typically people go out and party and have a good time tonight and maybe for the next three nights, but my idea of a good time is playing video or computer games, scrolling through Tumblr, watching Hannibal, watching Top Chef Canada or writing. Tonight, though I am overwhelmed with stress have decided I am going to write. 

I’ve finally got the essay for one of my classes back meaning I can start on my next paper due in a week, but I don’t want to read anymore about Edward, homosexuality and torture in early modern England. I didn’t get too bad on my paper, which I’m quite happy about, considering last semester I got several Cs from the prof.

Then I also managed to give myself a heart attack, email my student advisers for my faculty panicking about my graduation because right now my tired brain can’t logically or reasonably process anything, so I didn’t think before I sent it (well I did think, but I couldn’t remember why). Then I stared at it really hard for about five minutes and realized I had panicked about this before and talked to an adviser three times last semester. Great way to go through a Friday evening, but hey, the same adrenaline is coursing through my veins as a party goers would, so I can’t complain. Though I’m sure this isn’t particularly good for me.

Lately, my memory has been on the decline. Know what this means? EAT MORE OMEGA 3, 6, 9. Yeah…yum yum.

That’s all for tonight, gotta get back to my writing.

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