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Every year I dread the arrival of this date. No, I haven’t been severely scarred by anything in particular that has occurred on this day, but in my experience, it’s just never been a good day for me. And today was no exception. The only highlight of the day was that I got to laugh to the song “The Grounds for Violence” by the Winnipeg Free Press, but other than that I’ve been plagued with health issues from top to bottom. I won’t elaborate much more than: ear bleeding, right side of jaw hurting (fro about a week now), sinuses plugged and a massive headache.

Maybe I’ve learned to hate this day because of my stiff and serious nature. It’s not that I don’t know how to have fun, but I don’t like having fun at the expense of someone else and frankly, some of these April Fool’s Day pranks are downright cruel. I am the kind of person more comfortable in a suit than sweatpants and I don’t think I’ll change. It’s a part of me I really like and am proud of, so, I’m gonna keep hating this day.

However, I’ve been known to complain a lot, so I’m sure this expression of annoyance towards the existence of this day is no surprise to those who know me, but to those who don’t, you know now that many things and people are referred to as the bane of my existence, but really, I just like to exaggerate. So much so sometimes people can’t tell if I’m being literal or being myself again. And yes, I like going off on these things, they provide for me an outlet for my anger and frustration, which I apparently have a lot of, but hey, why not be passionate about all things that we do, it’s these outbursts of passion that makes life worth living (although there is a point at which one should stop and that would be at burning down houses and bridges with these passionate outbursts of ire).

All in all, I will avoid going out on this day whenever humanly possible, otherwise, I will merely complain about it…frequently and to anyone who’ll listen.

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